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 Rushing Strategy

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PostSubject: Rushing Strategy   Rushing Strategy EmptyTue Jan 18, 2011 6:04 am

Heres a rushing strategy of the Official Black Hawk website (

Almost everyone knows what rushing is. Its when you run as fast as possible down that popular hallway. But more than 70% of the people I see dont know how to rush properly. There are several tips on how too rush correctly. And if you become a master at rushing you can rush all the time in one on ones or even two on twos and kill both of em'. Take at look at some of these tips:

1. Stay Close To The Wall: When rushing you want to stay close to the wall your opponent is hiding behind. This way they have to come completely out of their hiding spot to shoot you, leaving you teammate a great chance to get some bullets in em'. This will usually result in you winning the game.

2. Stay Away From The Wall: In some cases its better to stay away from the wall. In fact I sometimes run straight up the middle. With a high headhsot gun (416, 417, F-2K, Tar 21) you can most of the time have an actual advantage, this is why. Only do this in one on one battles! While your running up the middle you want to have your aimer pointing where they're going to pop out. When you think the time has come start shooting before they've popped out. Soon enough they're going to have to pop out and hopefully get headshoted or else they'll start getting hit in the side!

3. Revive Tip: This ones easy to explain. Say you shoot someone down with your Famas F1. Right after you've shot them down rush close to the wall. (Always rush close to the wall unles using tip 2). You'll hopefully see your oppenent trying to revive his teammate. BLAST HIM! Shoot him down as quick as possible or he might get his revive.

4. Reverse Revive Tip: If you're teammate gets shot down by an experienced player I wouldnt go revive him ASAP. Intead I'd wait for a little while for him to pop out seeing if im there. If he does, fight him. Do your best! If he doesnt pop out for about 10-14 seconds I'd go and be cautious about getting the revive. I do this all the time. Makes ya look pro when you get is mastered. So always take a look at the peoples rank before playing with em'. That way you know if they're experienced or not.

Rushing From Behind:
Everyone knows that the Mercs have it best for the first couple rounds in Distant Port. They have the good side. They have the room thats really the greatest room in the game for camping in. However theres a very affective button that a lot of people dont use when rushing these lucky mercs.

Say you're a SEAL. The rounds been a little while and its a 2 on 2. You say "Im going around to get em' from behind." Alrite have fun! But when you get to that door and you're ready to rush in, remember this. MELEE HIM!! You know where he'll be waiting to kill you. Right behind that wall. So run in with your DE.50 or Model 18, and keep rapidly tapping "Square". Once you hit your opponent he'll be stunned for a short amount of time. Shoot him, then take out his teammate. You'll look pro when you pull this off.

Hope this helps!!

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Rushing Strategy
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