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PostSubject: A Literal Quick Sniper   A Literal Quick Sniper EmptyTue Jan 18, 2011 7:11 pm

To perform this strategy you must have a sniper on your Primary. The C-TAC is reccomended (you'll be sniping from far away and will probably only be able to get one shot off).
When you spawn on the side with the broken building parts coming out of the ground (not the side where you start off in the water) you just have to run up to the area that doesnt bring you to the main building, but instead it brings you too a pretty popular place where you shooting up at people. You have to run all the way up that long path to get to cover and a good place to lock-on to your opponent with a Assualt Rifle. But what if you had a C-TAC and where sitting only like half way up the path and scoping them. You wouldnt be able to lock on to them of course but if you go into your High Scope you'll probably be able to see some of thier heads pop up or something. Sometimes they're completely vulnerable and you can get lots of kills!

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