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PostSubject: Camping Sniper   Camping Sniper EmptyTue Jan 18, 2011 6:05 am

Crossfire Cove is probably them best map for camping snipers. I mean, in Crimson Bason theres probably the most snipers but they're moving around quite a bit. Now to be a camping sniper you have to appear on a certain side of the map. Im not sure which side this is but I know that its the side where you spawn above ground. Once you spawn quickly run up to the waterfall and scope in. You wanna scope in where the other people spawn. If you cna do this fast enough you can actually some shadows in the distance. If you hit these shadows they'll die depending on where you hit them however I'd reccomend the C-TAC since they're so far away. Either that or the M821A for its Fire Rate (Since theres going to be a lot of shadows).

Once you're up their theres multiple ways to snipe the people quickly without them noticing. For example. When you spawn if you go the very back of your spawn point there will be a little opening you can snipe out of. *You might have to click triangle and stand up*. Theres only one place you can see out of that opening but its a popular little hallway. Also if you stay near the waterfall you can pretty much see the whole map, and the water really helps you keep hidden. However hiding in the waterfall has disadvantages like all strategies. When hiding in the waterfall it is very easy for you to be flanked from the sides. But in overall good strategy.

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Camping Sniper
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